Help Teach the Next Generation

At Signpost International, we believe that teaching and inspiring the next generation to continue the fight against poverty is crucial.

Crucial. Not only because it will help to end poverty and injustice around the world, but also because we believe that God has called us to follow in His footsteps. Throughout the Bible, Jesus is seen teaching, loving and giving to others. He often spoke of those who have been affected by poverty and injustice, challenging us to take on the baton and to run the race of loving others.

We believe that people’s lives matter. And the way we participate in other people’s lives is of importance.

At Signpost, we have designed a new centre that will help us take this vision forward and teach the next generation how to stand up, speak up and participate in the fight against poverty. The new Signpost Centre for Global Learning will be based in our building in Whitfield, Dundee and will be the first of its kind in Scotland. It will be an education hub for youth and school groups to not only learn about local and global issues of poverty, but to experience what is it like to stand in the shoes of someone living in poverty and to help them see that other people’s lives matter. It will be an interactive space where we will use exhibits, virtual reality headsets and outdoor learning to inspire young people to look beyond their own circumstances and become advocates for change.

Will you help us achieve this vision and teach the next generation to stand up against poverty?


Some of the school groups involved in the new centre will take part in our overseas trips. One of our previous students involved in our Global Citizenship programme went out to Uganda last year and had this to say:

I believe that what we achieved as a group over there is something that I will never stop being proud of and honestly it feels great to know that I’ve made a difference – big or small – across the world, in a country I never believed I would ever visit. However, I also believe that Uganda has really changed the way I look at life and the way I value things. For example, since the trip I think I’ve really shifted my focus onto friends and family than on materialistic, frivolous matters. I also believe the experience had a profound effect on my personality and I believe that I have changed for the better.”

Can we pick up the baton and help educate our young people about poverty here in the UK and around the world? Can we come together to give the next generation an example of how to stand up, speak up and participate? At Signpost, we believe that we can through God’s love and strength. Will you help us?

Thank you !

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