The Roundhouse

At Signpost International we recognise that poverty is a global phenomenon and also exists right here on our doorstep in the UK, in addition to overseas. Over the last number of years we have been exploring ways to increase our local presence to ensure our work can have a positive value on our local community as well as our global neighbours. This has resulted in the invention of the Roundhouse which will be fully up and running by the end of this year.

The Roundhouse will be a place where community can come together, tell stories, learn more of the world we live in, eat good food, and support each other as we journey through life. It will be a place where we build on what connects us together and not on what divides. Where we learn how to be better stewards of what resources we have. It will be a place where people can come and chat or just be. All are welcome at the Roundhouse.

The Roundhouse will be made up of three distinct but connected parts.

1: Centre for Global Learning at the Roundhouse

We want the Roundhouse to help educate the next generation about approaches to sustainable development and for them to explore their own impact on the world. This will be done in our Centre for Global Learning at the Roundhouse. The Centre for Global Learning will be the first of its kind in Scotland and it will become Taysides Global Citizenship hub for local schools and other community groups. It will educate young people about local and global issues of poverty, and more importantly what they can do to challenge this. We want to use the Centre for Global Learning to teach the next generation how to stand up, speak up and participate in the fight against poverty. A variety of immersive teaching approaches will be used including Virtual Reality and hands-on outdoor learning to help individuals understand some of the complexities of poverty as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the UK and the world. The ambition is for the Centre for Global Learning to become an interactive and engaging space for young people to gain a deeper understanding of the diversity, fragility, and richness of life.






2: Food at the Roundhouse

In March 2021 Signpost launched the Roundhouse Community Kitchen which centres around using surplus food and turning it in to meals. The mission of the Roundhouse Community Kitchen is to transform surplus food destined for landfill and turn it into nutritionally balanced meals which is distributed to foodbanks and larders across Dundee and given to those in need. The Roundhouse Community Kitchen in partnership with food provision charities will play a vital part in tackling the issue of hunger that exists locally. The project will also challenge food waste in the city as it is estimated 27,000 tonnes of food goes to waste in Dundee every year. The Roundhouse Community Kitchen aims to close the loop between food waste and food insecurity.

In the next few months we will open the Roundhouse Community Café where all the food served will also be from intercepted ingredients. This will be supplemented with food grown in our garden by visiting groups and donated from local allotments. A pay it forward scheme will be available which will allow everyone in the local community to eat while still ensuring a consistent and predictable income from those that can afford to pay.






3: Space at the Roundhouse

To further sustain the Roundhouse, Signpost are offering serviced offices, hot-desks, and meeting spaces to charities and socially conscious businesses. Currently in the Roundhouse we have, We Are With You Dundee and Figure 8 Consultancy Services LTD.

There are still plenty of opportunities for more organisations and individuals to take up space at the Roundhouse and our hope is to create an environment of like-minded people at the Roundhouse who are all working to serve the needs of the local and global community. Additionally there are rooms available for use by the community for a variety of classes and gatherings. Office space and meeting rooms are now available to rent.

If you would like to get involved in the Roundhouse or rent space or you can email us at: or phone us on 01382 504033.