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“Last year I saw for myself the significant impact leaving a legacy to Signpost International makes to our mission and to the communities we walk alongside throughout the world. We were informed that a legacy had been left to Signpost by an individual who had sadly passed away. He had previously shared with his minister that he wanted to leave a legacy to Signpost in order that we could continue our work. I was incredibly moved to know that this individual wanted to make a lasting impact and help people across the globe. The legacy that he left to us has transformed many lives throughout the world and has been used in all four areas of our work: Hunger and Nutrition, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Sustainable Livelihoods and Global Citizenship.

This one legacy has done so many things for so many people around the world: it has provided clean running water to communities who were without, it has allowed children to spend more time in school, it has challenged food insecurity throughout the world, it has supported farmers to become productive food producers, it has provided opportunities, and it has taught the next generation. This one legacy from one individual has turned lives around.

In the leaflet below you will be able to learn more of the lasting impact a legacy can make.

Signpost Int Legacies Leaflet

As you read I would ask you to consider if you too could leave a legacy to Signpost International and transform the lives of many throughout the world. We want to keep walking alongside disadvantaged communities supporting them to be drivers of their own change and with your lasting impact we can keep doing this.

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to Signpost International and would like to discuss them with a member of the Signpost team you can call us on 01382 504033, email us at or fill out the form on our contact page.

We are extremely thankful for your support.”

Jamie Morrison

Chief Executive Officer


Need to make a will?

We have partnered with Thomas Bradley & Co Law Firm who offer free and fixed priced services for making a will. All we ask is that you consider leaving a gift in your will to Signpost International. Read more here.

Already have a Will? Use a Codicil Form to update your will.

Below you will find a codicil form (which you will need to complete if you wish to update your will) and a confidential response form that you can email to


Signpost Int Codicil Form

Signpost Int Confidential Response Form


We are in this fight against poverty and injustice not just today, but for the long haul, and a legacy gift from you to Signpost International will ensure we are equipped to continue to do so for many years to come.

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