Principles of Development

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Principles of Development

Signpost is committed to working to the highest standards with transparency and integrity. Our principles of development help describe the ways in which we work and the characteristics we aspire to have at each point in our journey.


  • Values

    Our values are integral to who we are and all that we do reflects them. You can read our values here.

  • Do no harm
    Do no harm

    Simply doing good is not enough: we ensure that in our work the dignity and agency of every individual is respected, independence is fostered, and expectations are managed to mitigate unintended consequences.

  • Partnership

    We create and strengthen relationships of equity with all stakeholders recognising that we live in an interconnected world where poverty is a global phenomenon.

  • Ownership

    We strive to engage and involve community members in their programmes at every stage in the project cycle to empower and encourage both ownership of the process and the result.

  • Inclusivity

    We believe that every voice is important and actively seek out and include the most marginalised and disadvantaged in communities, with particular focus on women, children and those with a disability.

  • Sustainability

    All our programmes are designed to ensure that the beneficial impact endures, and individuals and communities have increased resilience to withstand future economic and environmental shocks.

  • Climate Change
    Climate Change

    We recognise that our activity at home and overseas has an impact on the natural environment. We therefore seek to reduce and mitigate this through carbon off-setting and capture programmes.

  • Accountability and Transparency
    Accountability and Transparency

    Recognising the diversity of our stakeholders, we operate in a transparent and accountable manner encouraging ongoing learning and reflection within the organisation.

  • Professionalism

    We strive to achieve excellence in our work ensuring high standards of professionalism, and as good stewards of precious resources, we balance value for money with individual impact.

  • Flexibility

    Our size allows us to adopt an agile and flexible approach to our work; quickly responding and adapting to changing community needs and circumstances.

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