How your money is spent

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How your money is spent

  • We promise to use your gift to help people journey out of poverty. Of every pound entrusted to us…

  • Pound
    • 76p Developing Communities
    • 12p Support and Running Costs
    • 12p Communications and Fundraising
  • Communications and Fundraising

    Our Signpost family is invaluable to us and we want to be good stewards of your generous gifts. Each gift, big or small enables us to carry on helping build stronger, healthier communities in different areas of the world. We aim to communicate in a transparent and engaging way in order to gain more support and advance our vision to eliminate poverty.

  • Support and Running costs

    Putting robust systems in place to enable and evaluate our frontline work is vital so that we can continually learn and improve and ensure that your money is used more effectively as a result.

  • Developing Communities

    We work with local partners and communities enabling children to stay in education for longer, women to join self-help groups and start small businesses and health awareness promotion to take place. Over recent years funding from Comic Relief, The Big Lottery, British & Foreign Schools Society and Allan & Nesta Ferguson Trust has helped us to do more; providing clean, safe water via rainwater harvesting systems, teaching traditional farming techniques to communities who have been displaced from the land for a generation due to war, leading to year round food production and women being given a livelihood as they make reusable sanitary kits, providing income, dignity and increasing school attendance rates of girls.







Our Vision

An equitable world where poverty and injustice are eliminated, people thrive and communities flourish

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Our accounts are independently audited and submitted to Companies House annually. You can read our annual reports above.

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