Walking the Pilgrim Way

Posted: 29th September 2023

Walking the Pilgrim Way

We did it!! We walked from Culross to St Andrews!
“And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…” The Proclaimers

We may not have walked 500 miles (and some of us would rather not walk another mile for a little while), but we did walk a grand total of 57.5 miles between us from Culross to St Andrews along the Fife Pilgrim Way!

We were guided each day by Duncan Weaver, the Pilgrim Pastor, who led us in a short time of devotion each morning, sharing history and thoughts along the way and ending with a time of reflection at the end of each day.

We connected with several churches along the route, who generously opened their doors and provided tea and coffee. It was great to connect with congregants from the local area, hearing how God is at work in their church community and sharing what we do at Signpost International.

Here are some reflections from our team members who took part in the walk –

“The pilgrimage was good, it was really good to walk and talk sharing stories about life.
I also really connected with the many people who had walked the path before to express their faith and to walk alongside the poor as Jesus did.”

“I really enjoyed the day’s walk that I did, Culross to Dunfermline, on the Pilgrim Way.
We were lucky with the weather, which for me is important.
I like the idea of the churches who are on the route of the old walk, being part of today’s pilgrims, both spiritually and hospitality wise.
I felt I achieved something for myself, but equally would consider doing the whole walk, over a period of time, as I really felt that, spiritually, it brought me closer to God.”

Thank you for your support!

We raised a fantastic £600 towards the work of Signpost International. You can still donate to our fundraiser through our website (please write “Pilgrim Walk” in comment section).

Whether you followed along with our journey on Social Media, walked a section of the walk with us or donated towards our fundraiser, thank you for your support!



Signpost joins Church of Scotland Moderator, Sally Foster Fulton, on the Pilgrim Way.

Jonathan Humphrey (Fundraising Officer) and David Middleton (Chair of Signpost International) joined the walk from Culross Abbey to Dunfermline Abbey on Wednesday 27th September with CoS Moderator Sally Foster Fulton, Pilgrim Pastor Duncan Weaver and fellow pilgrims!

Having just completed the full walk the previous week, it was wonderful to share our experience of walking the Pilgrim Way as a team, raising awareness and funds for Signpost International. Sally shares Signpost’s vision and passion for helping those experiencing poverty, having led Christian Aid since 2016.

Cairneyhill Church of Scotland welcomed the pilgrims with tea, coffee and cake, a much needed respite before continuing along the journey.

Despite the weather, the group of pilgrims were still smiling at the end of the day! It was a great opportunity to connect, network and reflect along the way.