Interactive Learning at the Roundhouse

Posted: 23rd August 2023

Interactive Learning at the Roundhouse

Home school children learn about life in Uganda

Polly (Education & Community) and Rosie (Communications) had a wonderful morning in the Learning Centre with a lovely group of Home School children and their parents!  The families learnt about all the different projects run by Signpost International, specifically our WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects in Uganda.

A Virtual Reality Check!

Using the VR Headsets, the families virtually walked down to the stream with Ugandan children to collect water and saw the difference that a borehole located at the local Primary School made to the children’s lives!

The families tried lifting a 25kg jerry can and tested out the tippy tap in our community garden too.

Exploring the Roundhouse

The families also explored the Roundhouse Hut and were able to imagine what life might be like in some of the communities we work in. The children had a full sensory experience as they smelt the woodfire burning, heard children playing and chatting, stood inside the hut, saw typical items in the home and touched the mud brick walls.

The children then designed their own Ugandan Roundhouse and village, thinking about all the things that would be important to them to have in their home.

We finished the morning with soup and toast in the The Roundhouse Community Kitchen & Café!

If you’d like to bring a group to share the experience and learn more about what we do around the world, please do get in touch!