Taking Action Against Poverty through Human Rights Approach

Posted: 22nd June 2023

Taking Action Against Poverty through Human Rights Approach

Signpost International is committed to taking Action Against Poverty.

There are many definitions of poverty. Human poverty is broad, complex, and multidimensional, and its characteristics vary widely from country to country, community to community and with time and season.

This is why we use a rights-based approach to define poverty. We describe poverty as:

“Disempowerment because poverty reduces the choices people can make for themselves and results in a lack of power to exert personal, economic, political and social liberty”.

We believe that people have a right to healthy, nutritious, affordable food. In Dundee, Scotland, we make meals for those on low incomes or who lack the knowledge to cook for themselves. This summer we are offering cooking classes for children and parents to teach the basics of nutrition.

We believe that women have a voice in the community. Women have a right to work, to earn money, to education. Our work in West Pokot, Kenya is challenging societal norms and practices by empowering women to start income-generating enterprises.

We believe that communities have the right to safe, clean drinking water and hygiene facilities. We have supported six Ugandan primary schools through installing boreholes & latrines, and providing WASH (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation) training.

We believe that we need to educate our nation about the impact of poverty in the world, both at home & abroad. Over the past year we have established positive local connections with two primary schools, a secondary school, a college, and a university. Through volunteering in the Roundhouse Café, eating meals made from surplus foods, or visiting another country (through VR headsets or in person), every opportunity is a life lesson.

We believe that as Global Citizens we have a responsibility to care for our planet. Last year, the Roundhouse Kitchen and Café saved 5,622kg of surplus food from going to landfill. Furthermore, in all our international projects, we reduce and off-set our carbon footprint by establishing community tree plots or providing fuel-efficient stoves.

How does having a Rights-Based approach to poverty impact the communities we work in?

We have seen children from vulnerable homes fed and university students cooking in the kitchen in Scotland, women empowered to earn their own income in Kenya; WASH clubs established in Uganda and people around the world working together to take action against poverty!


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