The Power of Water: Unlocking the potential of women and girls

Posted: 17th May 2023

The Power of Water: Unlocking the potential of women and girls

The need for safe water in Rural Kenya.

A huge issue for the community of Nakwijit in West Pokot is the lack of access to safe water.

Almost half of the population of Kenya (41%) lack access to safe water. Globally, waterborne illnesses claim a child’s life every 90 seconds. For those living in the Nakwijit area, the daily search for water can take up to 15km on foot to the closest river. This takes between 3-4hours on dirt paths carrying between 25-50kg water.

The dream of a women’s training centre and access to safe water

Our local partner, CICR, started working in the community in August 2022. They helped a group of 32 women start income-generating enterprises which would support their families and communtiy. The Community Elders saw the fantastic work of the women, and unconventionally granted two 2 acres land to use as they wish. The women would like to use the land to build a women’s training centre.

In order to fulfil their dream of a women’s training centre, they need access to safe water. The project proposes installing a deep borehole, capable of supplying year-round access to water. The borehole will initially benefit around 1000 community members, which will increase to over 5000 over 25 years. This is because the community will inevitably grow due to more stability with access to safe water.

In addition to the borehole, we have proposed to train the women to construct low-cost household rain water harvesting tanks for 50 households.

Furthermore, we will plant a tree nursery and a community plantation which will off set any carbon emissions produced by the project. This will be coupled with climate change training.

As the community becomes more settled in the location, we expect the attendance of girls at Primary Schools to increase by 30%. This will be a huge benefit not just for the girls themselves but for the whole community.

Lastly, with safe access to water, we anticipate that there will be a 75% decrease in waterborne illnesses in the community.

How can you help?

We need your help to make this project become a reality!
You can support the women directly by giving to “The Power of Water” project which has currently has a deficit of £11,000.


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