Posted: 25th August 2022

Annual Review & 30th Anniversary Celebration Material

Dear Global Neighbour,

It is that time of year again when I write to you with Signpost International’s Annual Review, taking the opportunity to reflect on the impact our programmes have had on the lives of people around the world. This year however I am not only writing to you with our annual review but also with our 30th anniversary celebration material.
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Until reading this you may have been unaware that this is a special year for Signpost – marking three decades since the charity was formed by Kerry Dixon. As you will see as you read through you still have your annual review as usual, but also included there are a number of pages that celebrate 30 years of Signpost.

I hope for many of you as you read through these pages it will bring back memories of previous Signpost projects, staff members, and the people and communities we have walked alongside throughout the world. You may be reading this as a fairly new Signpost supporter and if this is the case I hope it gives you an insight into the journey of Signpost and how we have got to where we are today. Whether you have been a Signpost supporter for one year or thirty I hope you will enjoy reading the special anniversary celebration material and are encouraged to see the work you have supported.

In our annual review I’m sure, like us, you will be very pleased to read that our projects throughout the world have all now resumed after many had to be paused or altered during the Coronavirus pandemic. With all of our projects resuming it has meant in the past year 32,175 people have benefited from our work across three countries, Uganda, the Philippines, and Scotland. We have been able to reach this incredible number of people thanks to the support of you, our generous Global Neighbours.

It is because of your faithful support that we have been able to continue our work. You have allowed us to keep walking alongside those experiencing poverty and injustice, so thank you!

Thank you for being a Global Neighbour and for partnering with us on our journey.

All of the Signpost team really hope you enjoy reading this year’s annual review and 30th anniversary material in its new interactive format.
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Every blessing,

Jamie Morrison
CEO Signpost International