Posted: 25th March 2021

The Roundhouse Community Kitchen starts cooking!

Signpost International are delighted to announce that the Roundhouse Community Kitchen is officially up and running and is producing meals for foodbanks and larders in Dundee.

The main aim of the Community Kitchen is to support emergency food provision charities in Dundee by transforming surplus food into freshly prepared meals. You can find out more information about The Roundhouse Community Kitchen by reading the article below from today’s (25/3/21) Courier.

Why is the Community Kitchen needed?

All our lives have been shaken up by the Coronavirus pandemic, but it has impacted those on lower incomes the most. Foodbank usage was already at record levels before March 2020, and the pandemic has heightened this fragile situation, with more and more people relying on Foodbanks and Community Larders to ensure they and their families do not go hungry.

This has placed huge strain on the Dundee organisations working hard to keep up with demand. They largely rely on donations of food to run their services. With demand for food parcels increasing, and household finances being stretched throughout the country, continued reliance on public donation is not sustainable.

Alongside this food insecurity crisis, is the problem of food waste. When food is thrown  out, we waste all the energy and resources that went into producing, processing, transporting and cooking it. What’s  more,  discarded  food  can  produce  greenhouse gases as it breaks down, adding to emissions that cause climate change. With so much  food going to waste, no-one should be going hungry.

The Community Kitchen has been launched to ‘close the loop’ by supporting charities tackling food insecurity in Dundee, while reducing the amount of food going to waste.

How you can support us

We are reaching out to restaurants, cafés, and other food businesses, to support us as we launch the Community Kitchen. There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Redirect usable food waste from your kitchen to the Community
  • Provide some of your kitchen staff to volunteer (either one-off or longer term).
  • Donate any kitchen equipment that you don’t
  • Provide training or recipe suggestions to our team at the Community
  • Support us financially to help us cover the running costs and to purchase food that we are unable to obtain through usable

We’d love to hear from you as we work towards challenging food insecurity and reducing food waste.

You can keep up to date with everything that is happening at The Roundhouse Community Kitchen by liking their brand new Facebook page.

(Picture taken by Mhairi Edwards)