Posted: 22nd September 2020

Help Tackle Food Insecurity

Dear Friends,

At Signpost International we believe no man, woman, or child should suffer hunger and so we strive to eliminate it from the communities in which we work.

One way we do this is by supporting farmers to form self-help development groups, and through training in improved agricultural practices members are able to achieve their full potential and to provide for themselves and their families. Over the years we have been inspired as we have seen a marked effect on food security in the communities we work in as a direct result of these self-help groups.

As we come into this time known as harvest and farmers begin to gather their crops it is a great encouragement to know that the farmers we have worked with have the skills and resources to reap a plentiful harvest this year. One such farmer is Jane, a member of the Munno Mubyonna development group in Wakiso district, Uganda.

Jane’s Story

“Before I joined the group I spent a lot of hours farming but produced little. I did not receive much for my produce and as a result my family had very little to eat. I then got the opportunity to join the group, where I learnt about teamwork, group dynamics, and savings. We received training in agriculture and changed the way we were farming, producing a variety of crops to give better yields. I now sell my produce at a better price and produce enough to feed my family more than two meals a day.”

We are extremely thankful that Jane will be bringing in a bountiful harvest this year, but unfortunately there will be many farmers throughout the world who will not, resulting in food insecurity. To be food insecure is to be without reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food to thrive. Across the globe today food insecurity is an issue affecting around 2 billion people – that is more than 1 in 4 people! To challenge this, and with your help, we will continue to set up new groups with the vision of eradicating hunger among the world’s poorest.

However, we need to remember that hunger does not only exist in Uganda!! Food insecurity is a global issue and exists here in the UK and on our doorstep in Dundee.

In 2019 the Trussell Trust produced the ‘State of Hunger’ report which estimated that around 8-10% of households in the UK have been moderately or severely food insecure in recent years. As we look to grow projects in our local community we want to play our part in tackling food insecurity in Dundee. We plan to do this in our transformed building, The Roundhouse, which will also host our Centre for Global Learning which we have previously featured.

Central to our vision is a café which will provide a regular food service to visiting groups and the general public. The café will focus on sourcing ingredients from “intercepted foods” (i.e., useable food from supermarkets and restaurants otherwise bound for landfill) and food grown in our garden and other local allotments. The café will have a pay it forward scheme which will allow everyone to eat while ensuring a consistent income. Alongside the structured teaching within the Centre for Global Learning, the café will itself become a learning tool for visitors keen to better understand our relationship with food. We look forward to welcoming you in 2021!

(Artist’s impression of the new café at the Roundhouse)

Through supporting this appeal, you will be helping us address food insecurity in Dundee as well as partnering with us as we tackle the issue internationally through our work with farmers like Jane.

Thank you for your continued support.

Peter McEleny

(Communications Officer)

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