Posted: 23rd June 2020

COVID-19 in the countries we work in overseas – update 15

We want to continue to keep you, our Global Neighbours in the loop about the current situation regarding COVID-19 in the countries and communities we work in overseas

At the time of publishing (4pm on Tuesday 23rd June 2020) this is the current situation in the countries we work in.


There are now 797 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uganda and no confirmed cases in the communities we work in. On Monday president Museveni addressed the nation saying that as a result of the measures Uganda put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 the country has managed “to blunt the invasion of the virus”. But in the statement he warned the country that they have entered a “dangerous phase” illustrated by the emergence of new positive cases. On the topic of education the president said that it was too risky to reopen schools at this time and that the government are going to launch a long-distance education programme through radio.


The Tanzanian government continue not to release any data relating to Coronavirus. Next Monday, 29th June all schools in the country will reopen and at the weekend Tanzania became the first African country to resume their football league after it was suspended in March due to the pandemic.

The Philippines

There are now 31,825 confirmed cases of the virus with a death toll of 1,186 in the Philippines, with no confirmed cases in the community we work in. On Tuesday, the country’s health minister reported 1,150 additional cases of COVID-19, the country’s biggest single day increase in infections. It has also been announced that all areas of the Philippines will stay under enhanced community quarantine as cases begin to rise again.

Thank you for all your prayers and we ask you to continue praying for an end to this virus throughout the world and for all the countries and the communities we work with.