Posted: 7th May 2020

COVID-19 in the countries we work in overseas – update 8

As the weeks roll on we are seeing that the Coronavirus situation is at a different stage in every country throughout the world. As every country is at a different stage we want to keep you up to date with the current Coronavirus situation in the countries and communities we work in.

At the time of publishing (1:40pm on Thursday 7th May 2020) this is the current situation in the countries we work in.


There are now 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uganda and no confirmed cases in the communities we work in.

This week President Museveni announced a slight ease on the restrictions in place in the country. Businesses including hardware stores, wholesale stores and take away restaurants will be allowed to reopen. Public transport remains suspended and schools and religious assemblies will remain closed for the next two weeks at least.


According to the official figures released by the government of Tanzania there have been 480 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tanzania and 16 confirmed deaths.

However the government this week have come in for heavy criticism from doctors and opposition leaders. The government has been accused of covering up the true extent of the coronavirus pandemic with secret burials taking place at night and hospitals overflowing. Since last week, the country have not released any new figures after president Magufuli called for the testing kits to be investigated after believing it was producing incorrect results.

The Philippines

There are now 10,343 confirmed cases of the virus with a death toll of 685 in the Philippines, with no confirmed cases in the community we work in. Enhanced community lockdown remains in place till at least May 15 when the situation will be reviewed.

Please pray for unity in these nations and for wisdom and guidance as decisions are taken in relation to COVID-19.