Posted: 1st November 2019

Signpost International & Henry’s Coffee House

Signpost International were this week presented with a cheque of £421.28 from Henry’s Coffee House. This  money was raised over the summer months as part of Henry’s summer drinks campaign, where they created 3 unique summer drinks and donated 20 pence from each to Signpost. This summer’s campaign was the third time Henry’s had partnered with  Signpost to support farmers in Uganda who are part of developments groups (self-help farming groups established by Signpost).

Many farmers in Uganda struggle to make enough money to feed their families and are unable to send their children to school. The development groups train and equip farmers in improved sustainable methods. Since it’s launch the development groups have allowed farmers to diversify by growing maize, beans, bananas and coffee. As a result many group members are now earning enough to feed their children and to send their children to school. Just as in the previous two campaigns all money raised by Henry’s will go towards helping Ugandan farmers which will hopefully change their lives for the better.

One person that has benefitted from the money that Henry’s has raised is Milly.  Milly  is a member of one of the self-help farming development groups in Uganda that has been helped by the money raised by Henry’s.  Milly is a 48-year-old grandmother living in North East Uganda with five dependents. She used her savings, coupled with a loan from her development group to invest in animal rearing. The profits from this venture were then invested in constructing a one-room house suitable for rental and increasing her monthly income by 2,000%. Milly says, “In addition to a greater income the skills and knowledge from trainings have increased my confidence and greatly changed our lives; we can now afford to smile, we are leading healthy lives, and most importantly my children attend school.” Thanks to the generosity of Henry’s farmers like Milly are now able to smile. We are excited to see how the money raised this summer by Henry’s is going to improve the lives of farmers in Uganda.

Henry’s Director Jonathan Horne and Local Area Manager Rume Mukoro met Signpost’s Communication officer, Peter McEleny this week outside Henry’s in the City Square to pass over the cheque from the latest campaign.

Jonathan said, “Our partnership with Signpost International has meant a great deal to us from its initial launch, therefore, we are more than happy with its continued success and the huge impact it has made on the farmers in Uganda. We look forward too many more campaigns in the future as our partnership with Signpost International grows stronger.”

We are extremely thankful to Henry’s for partnering with us and for donating 20 pence from every summer drink sold to Signpost. A massive thank you to everyone who supported the campaign either by buying a summer drink or by donating to the campaign. Every penny raised makes a difference as we strive towards an equitable world where poverty and injustice are eliminated, people thrive and communities flourish.

Thank you once again to Henry’s for their continued partnership.