New water source in Katuuso village brings clean safe water

Posted: 1st October 2019

New water source in Katuuso village brings clean safe water

WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) is one of our four areas of work and we believe every man, woman and child, should have access to safe and affordable drinking water. With this vision steps began to install a new water source which would provide clean safe water to the Katuuso village in the Wakiso district of Uganda. As with all of our projects we believe it is essential that the local community is involved in every step of the project.

The process began with a community meeting being held to discuss the new water source, 71 community members along with local leaders and contractors attended. At the meeting community members were informed of the importance of local contribution and essential requirements of stones, sand and food needed during the construction of the water source. They were also encouraged to participate in the entire process of the water source construction and to learn about the proper maintenance to ensure the sustainability of the water solution.

(Community meeting)

The next stage of the process was to find the correct site for the new water source. A geological survey was conducted by contractors together with community members on possible sites for the new water source.  After the surveys one site was found to be suitable for the water source in an accessible area for all community members to fetch water.

(Geological survey being carried out)

After the site for the water source was agreed construction work started immediately. Drilling work started with the first strike at 40 metres and the second at 60 metres. After the drilling, construction of the apron casting started and was completed. The last stage of the process was the instillation of the borehole. Just as they were asked community members were present throughout the project making large contributions and learning throughout.

(Apron casting)

At the end of August the construction was finished and the local community in the Katuuso village were able to access clean safe water.



(Video of the borehole being drilled)