Posted: 6th June 2019

Farewell to San Juan!

Signpost International have been working in the island of Panay, one of 7,107 islands in the Philippines since the mid 1990’s. The capital, Iloilo City, has many urban slums or shanty towns within it, with residents mostly being economic migrants from the island’s rural north. San Juan is one of those areas and we have been working there for some 8 years now. In April this year the community and local partner Signpost Inc. celebrated the fact that they have now reached the pre-planned time for us to leave the area, as all targets have been met by the individuals and those in the community. This is so they avoid dependency and keep us moving onto support other disadvantaged communities, as well as helping us to be good stewards of what we are given. We have witnessed some incredible changes to the community in that time.  We have seen families able to lift themselves out of poverty and send their children to university through income generating programmes and able to afford medical needs, communities flourishing with electricity, clean water, housing, secure walkways and sewage systems.

This is all because of You, our loyal supporters. Thank you for your generosity!