Give the Gift of a Future

Posted: 28th November 2018

Give the Gift of a Future

At Signpost International, we are thinking beyond the tinsel and the turkey. This Christmas we are thinking about people’s futures.

I want to tell you a short and very inspiring story of a woman whom I have come to greatly respect. Her name is Nora, and she lives in Katuuso, Uganda with her five children and one grandchild. Nora’s husband died in an accident and since he was the bread winner for her and her family, Nora lost all hope.

“It was the toughest moment for me and my children” says Nora. “I had to find possible means for us to survive since we were now on our own. My children were sent away from school because I couldn’t pay the fees, and I struggled to buy any of the simple things I needed for our home, like soap, medicines or paraffin for our lamps.”

“At 5pm, the family would come together to have their one meal of the day” says Nora

When I found out how Nora’s life had changed through our work in Uganda, I felt inspired by her faith-filled prayers of hope, and her eagerness to work hard to change the circumstances that her family were living in.

Signpost International invited Nora to attend a development group where she received training and advice and connected with new friends that provided support. Nora was given a low-interest free loan of 300,000 Ugshs (about £60) through the group. She decided to buy four piglets, one young goat and maize and bean seeds. Nora was able to sell off two of the pigs once grown and used this money to construct a one roomed house to rent out for an income of 100,000 Ugshs a month (about £20). She also sold two of her first sacks of beans at 260,000 Ugshs each (about £100 in total).

“Through my savings, my children returned to school and I can provide them with all their school materials” celebrates Nora. “We have at least two meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I can also buy all the necessities for our home like salt, soap, sugar etc. I also bought clothes for my children to wear and mattresses for them to sleep on!”

Nora repaid her first loan and has since been able to obtain another, helping to grow her farm and in turn her savings. Nora has gone from earning 13,000 Ugshs a month to 240,000 Ugshs a month (that’s £2.60 to £50!).

“Thank you, because without you we had no future” says Nora.

Would you like to give the gift of a future to a family who is struggling this Christmas?

  • £30 could provide a farmer with drought resistant seeds, increasing their yield and income
  • £60 could provide a low-interest free loan (like Nora’s) to purchase livestock or start a business
  • £100 could provide 50 farmers with training in reducing risk and managing the impact of climate change
  • £500 could help establish a community development group providing 80 farmers with comprehensive training. This is the type of development group that Nora first attended.


Thank you, and we pray that you have a blessed Christmas.

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