Coffee That Cares

Posted: 17th November 2018

Coffee That Cares

Coffee That Cares

Starting on the 17th of November, Henry’s Coffee House are supporting Signpost International’s Ugandan projects training and equipping farmers in improved, sustainable methods. Farmers who have only been able to provide one meal a day for their families, are now growing quality produce, able to sell excess at market and have enough income to pay for their children to attend school!

Watch this short one minute video to find out all about it.

This is Justine, a Ugandan mother of seven who farms her small areas of land to provide food for her family. However, her produce was only enough for her and her children to have one meal a day. Signpost International asked Justine to join a community farmer group where she received drought resistant seeds and training. Justine is now successfully growing coffee, maize, tomatoes, bananas, eggplants and beans on her land. Justine and her family are now not only able to eat three times a day, they are also able to sell excess produce at market so that she can afford to send her kids to school.

If you live in Dundee or the surrounding area, make sure you pop into Henry’s Coffee House before the end of the year and get yourself a flavoured latte or a delicious Christmas Special Drink and Henry’s will donate on your behalf! 

You will be helping people like Justine, from one human bean to another.

Share a photo of your coffee using the hashtag #coffeethatcares