What's in your hands?

Posted: 4th July 2018

What's in your hands?

What’s in your hands?

When we approach God in prayer with our dreams and desires, we often focus on what we do not have. But when we see God’s people approach Him in scriptures, God often answers with this question.

In 2 Kings 4, a widow approaches the prophet Elisha pleading for help. She is in a serious situation. She has lost her husband and is on the brink of losing her two sons to slavery. But rather than giving her money, God responds through Elisha saying “Tell me, what do you have in your house?”.

But like so many of us, the widow barely thinks to mentions what little she does have. “Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a small jar of olive oil”. Elisha tells her to ask her neighbours for empty jars and then fill each one with oil from her own jar. In faith, she does exactly as he says and the oil fills every jar allowing her to pay all her debts, keep her children out of slavery and live on the surplus.

What would happen if instead of focusing on what we didn’t have, we focused on what God has already given us – our dreams, our motivations, our talents and offer these back to Him as an act of worship?

We believe that God has instructed Signpost International to use all that we have to take action against poverty. This is why we approach our sustainable livelihoods projects by focusing on what people already have – their skills, their relationships, their experiences and their passions. We go to mothers and fathers who have struggled to provide for their children and we give training and education to enable them to start or improve their small businesses and increase their income. We also facilitate responsible peer lending and micro finance (small loans) and form and strengthen enterprise and savings groups.

Men and women are empowered to use what is in their hands to invest in their dreams, families and futures. They are also then equipped to do the same for their neighbours.

We are seeing men and women use their dreams and talents to break the cycle of poverty. Their dignity is restored, families and relationships thrive and communities flourish. By donating whatever you can to help us deliver projects like these, you are helping families turn their lives around.

  • £30 could provide a farmer with improved, drought resistant seeds to increase their yield and household income
  • £50 could provide a community member with a low-interest loan to enhance their business
  • £100 could provide a sewing machine and start-up materials for a budding tailor
  • £500 could help establish a Village Savings & Loan Association by providing 80 farmers with comprehensive training in formation, resource mobilisation and credit management


God has given each one of us time, abilities, gifts, careers, money, desires and dreams and He invites us to use them no matter how small they may seem. We serve the God who filled jars to overflowing with just a few drops of oil to launch a successful business!

What is in your hands today that can be used by God?


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