Clean Water Appeal

Posted: 17th May 2018

Clean Water Appeal

At Signpost International, we believe every child deserves clean water.


It is one of our greatest joys to see a school receive a new clean water source and for this to enable education. Yet we know that so many children need our help. It can be shocking and upsetting to discover that many children are still struggling without this basic need in 2018. But that is the reality. The fight is not yet done, my friend.

We am reaching out to you this Easter because you truly can help us make a crucial difference this year for children and their families in Uganda.

Joshua struggled to find safe water to drink in Uganda’s 30-degree heat. The only clean source was some distance away, with long queues and wait times.  He would miss valuable class time or be forced to drink from nearby contaminated streams – causing him to leave school because of sickness.

Signpost worked with the local community to drill a deep well at Joshua’s school providing a free clean water supply for over 500 children – right at their classroom’s doorstep!

His school has seen a significant reduction in the number of water-related sicknesses and pupil and staff attendance rates increased from 64% to 90%. It was also noted that pupils became much more focused in class and were learning faster.

Did you know that a loss of just 2% of your body fluids causes a 20% reduction in your physical and mental performance?

Providing such a simple yet necessary thing as water boosted these children’s ability to learn. But perhaps the most noticeable benefit for the kids at Joshua’s school is that lunch time is no longer about walking and queuing for a drink of water. Joshua smiles and says, “now I can go play with my friends!”.

We are determined to make Joshua’s story come true for every child in Uganda – and we need your help to do it.

By donating whatever you can afford to help us deliver projects like these, you are standing up for children and declaring that their lives matter.

£30 could buy a water carrying

container for a family

£50 could provide a community

training day on hand washing

and soap making

£100 could provide a water filter for

a family of six

£500 could buy and install a hand

pump for a clean water well



Whatever you give this Spring, you can be the key to giving children back their health, time, education and life.


Can you donate today and stand with us in this
fight for children’s right to clean water?


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