Posted: 10th March 2018

Emmanuel’s Story

Emmanuel is six years old and a pupil at Amaseniko Primary school. Because he has a disabled leg, the prospect of using a squat latrine is particularly daunting.

“The school’s latrines were open and filthy and really difficult for me to use. Each day I would walk up and dread going in because of it, until I almost had a phobia of school.” Says Emmanuel.

One day Emmanuel was using the latrine when his disabled leg could no longer support his squatting position.

“I fell in the mess that surrounds the hole and I had to go home because I was so ashamed,” he remembers. “I did not return to school for several days because I was so scared of being teased by the other children.”

But now – following the building of a new school latrine at Amaseniko – Emmanuel feels differently.

“They have even built extra cubicles especially for people with disabilities like me! They are so easy to use that no one has to support me there” he beams.

“Sometimes I think it is a dream – but it is really true! I am so happy that I can enjoy going to school at last.”